Tickets, entries, and Kansas...

Currently in Kansas this week for work (watching ID4 while I'm at it - I keep wanting Will Smith to say 'now that's what I call podracing!') but a brief update on where things are at. 

Tickets are currently available for sale at the Carolina Theatre box office.  I recommend buying them in person as the online fee's Ticketmaster charges are crrrrraaazy. 


Entries!  We're expecting a final schedule to be drawn up around the middle of the month detailing what's showing.  I hate keeping everyone on the edge of their seats like this, but unfortuantely it's the best we can pull right now.  A pox on that pesky RealLife thing!


Once BrickFlix wraps, we're going to have a new contest with some downright awesome prizes.   A hint - if you were to start toying with the Lego SuperHeros Movie Maker app, it wouldn't be time wasted...


Open submission window - game on for another month!

The realization was made at around 6:22am that Brickflix happens in June this year - not May.  Given that little nugget of joy, we're keeping the submission window alive for another month.  Submit away!



Results results results!  In and hot off the press!  As an aside, you really can't say that any more with email.  Sad.  I'd steal a line from The New York GeekCast and say it's straight off the __________ but then we'd have to pay royalties I'm sure.  They're hard hitters up in NY and I don't want to end up in the Hudson.

Without further ado, from the 10 year old voting booth . . .

In third place, and the new owner of a shiny chrome-trooper, Funmi Productions and 'Alien Defense'! -

In second place, with a newfound midi-scale Star Destroyer and a chrome-trooper we have John Chappell and 'Lego Aliens'! -

Which leaves us with our first place spot and winner of tauntaun madness on hoth, los cuatros monos - or as we say north of the border - the four monkeys (insert eek eek eek tagline here)! -

thanks to all who participated!  these entries will automatically get rolled to the brickflix screener pool unless you say otherwise.

see you at the till!


Contest time!

Welp, the first contest was a no show - I blame the aliens! Onward through the fog! Next year is 2012 - and we all know the world is supposed to end, or at least the Mayan chisel went dull and couldn't continue with 2013. Perfect time for an end of the world contest!

In ten minutes or less, give us your best end of the world animation. I'll be frank, there are bonus points to be had if it involves time machines and dinosaurs.

Tearing into the prize vault . . .

1st place will score a lovely 7749 Echo Base (
2nd place bags you an 8099 midi-scale Star Destroyer (
3rd place wins a shiney ChromeTrooper (

Deadline for entries is Jan 21, 2012. Submit them through the normal submission channels here on ye olde BrickFlix site.

Questions? Good. Go forth and animate!


The Aliens are Coming!

Quick, look to the sky!  The aliens are coming, the aliens are coming!

To kick off the 50th anniversary celebration of the Betty and Barney Hill abduction, BrickFlix is having a friendly little contest.  Construct either an 'Alien Abduction' film, or an 'Alien Autopsy Gone Wrong' (use your imagination) film and submit it via the BrickFlix submission process with 'ALIEN CONTEST' as the subject line.  On September 30th, we'll post links to all the films on the FaceBook page and the teeming masses will vote on them via the 'like' button!

No contest would be right without prizes!

Most Popular - 7065 - Alien Mothership
Secondly Most Popular - 7052 - UFO Abduction
Thirdly Most Popular - 7051 - Tripod Invader

The submission form can be found here -

Any questions?  No?  Go forth and bring on the aliens!